Carol's Cover Designs


Carol is a treasure. After being traditionally published for many years, I decided to go Indie. My biggest challenge was finding book covers that would sell my books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. After Carol designed the first cover, I knew I had found gold. I hired her to “rebrand” me. Her covers have increased my sales enormously!                                                                                                                                    

                                                                  ~ G. G. Vandagriff

Carol’s covers are absolutely gorgeous, and she is a pleasure to work with. If I give her a brief summary – without having a specific idea of my own, she can run with it, giving me something I love. If I have something particular in mind? She can do it for me exactly as I ask. Her turn-around time is phenomenal, and she works closely with her authors to give you the cover you want. Highly recommended!

                                                                         ~ Ava Garnet

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My friends just love the e book and Print Book cover Carol created for me for my first novel. She really captured the essence of the novel’s theme. She is not only hugely talented but she is also ready, willing and able to give you her very best.


                                                        ~  EM Richmond

I've found working with Carol to be a great experience. She's prompt and professional, and most importantly, she takes my vague ideas and manages to transform them into eye catching pieces of art. I love every e book cover she's made me, and so do my readers.            

                                                         ~ Gem Frost